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All sorts of artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers, and drafters can Integrate Artrise through a direct application on the platform or sponsorship from other fellow artists.
Artists must fill out an application form which will be reviewed by the Artrise team. The form allows artists to easily enter their data (name, biography, artwork examples, a picture of the artist, etc). It is evaluated by the Artrise team and once it is approved, an online meeting will be scheduled to learn more about the artist.


Owners & collectors can claim ownership of their paintings, sculptures, photographs, or any other piece of art they own.
They are also eligible to integrate their artwork into the platform by filling out a form and entering requested data (mainly information about the artwork they own, its creator(s), and their asset certificate)


The authenticity of every physical piece of art created by physical artists or owned by collectors which have never been digitalized is verified by our experts before being tokenized and published on our platform. Once the previous steps are completed, your artwork is ready to be digitalized.

Digital version

After the authenticity of the artwork is verified, a digital version is created by either a member of our team or by a digital artist present on the platform. Artrise guarantees that the digital version is 100% identical to the physical artwork and offers the possibility to present it as a 3D animation.
In the case the physical artist collaborates with a digital artist on the platform, he should discuss and negotiate the percentage of commission on sales prior to sharing the asset on the platform.

Physical Linking

After tokenizing the physical asset both are linked through different types of tagging technologies such as QR codes and NFC Tags to synchronize them and make them act as one. Our lab experts are working on developing a new tagging technology that will not ruin or degrade the physical artwork and which cannot be removed.


For maximum security, Artrise will be in charge of minting artists’ creations on the platform right after the digital and physical assets are linked.
Once the minting is completed, the NFT will be sent to the Artist’s wallet.


Artrise provides a Marketplace to all its users for aesthetes and art collectors to discover and buy art from their favorite creators. Artists and galleries can also sell artwork and run auctions on that same marketplace.


ArtRise accepts multiple payment methods that offer security: Cryptocurrency, Paypal, Creditand Debit cards ... Artrise puts money on hold to help ensure the platform is safe to use for both buyers and sellers and the funds are released when the buyer confirms that they received the artwork they ordered in the condition that was displayed.


Shipping of physical artwork is guaranteed by the seller. ArtRise can monitor the tracking until the delivery is complete and the buyer has confirmed that the artwork was received in good condition. ArtRise can assist sellers throughout the shipping process by recommending the best suppliers with whom it is in contact and by providing guidelines to ensure the success of the delivery.


When buying digital artwork on Artrise, collectors can choose to receive the physical artwork. If the buyer chooses not to, the piece of art will remain detained by Artrise.


Artists and galleries can finally be rewarded as they deserve! Each time a creation f theirs is resold, they earn royalties.


In order to gain more exposure, artists or owner of art can physically exhibit their artwork by collaborating with one or many of Artrise’s partner galleries.


Artwork can also be exposed in one or many of our partner galleries on the platform.


Artwork can be exhibited using augmented reality. Artrise labs are working on developing an AR app that enables viewers to have a better experience.


All the artwork present on our platform can be integrated and exposed in the different existing metaverses (such as decentraland).

Other utilities

Unique utilities, such as VIP tickets or invitations to art exhibitions and private events, are offered to collectors who can also choose to donate their gains to charities.